Nespresso Citiz Coffee Machine Review

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Nespresso Citiz

The Nespresso Citiz, a fantastic automatic coffee machine for your kitchen

The Nespresso Citiz is a reasonably priced espresso single and double shot coffee machine. Just like the rest of the Nespresso range, the Citiz is a stylish looking coffee machine that fits perfectly into the smallest of kitchens. Nespresso is all about simplicity. Whilst you don’t get some of the more advanced features of some of the bean to cup coffee machines such as the Delonghi Magnifica. What you do get is a machine that produces great coffee at the press of a button.

Most coffee lovers want to achieve one thing, an amazing tasting cup of coffee. We all love the taste of a freshly brewed cup of coffee from our favourite coffee shop, prepared by a barista who really knows what they are doing. To have that taste in our own home is the holy grail of coffee. Some of us want to be involved in that process and adjust everything from the harshness of the grind, doing our own tamping and selecting our beans by hand. Others would rather leave that to the experts like Nespresso and press a button to achieve amazing results.

Overview of the Nespresso Citiz

The Nespresso Citiz has been designed and perfected to achieve an amazing tasting cup of Espresso (single shot) or Lungo (double shot) coffee at the press of a button. It brings simplicity, convenience and time savings to the most compact of kitchen and still manages to achieve an amazing tasting cup of coffee to boot!

The Nespresso Citiz has very few removable elements and buttons. Once it is powered on, the water tank is filled and the waste pod basket is empty, all that is left to do is select a coffee pod, insert it and press an espresso or lungo button.

Nespresso offers 16 different varieties of coffee for the Nespresso Citiz, you can find out more by reading our guide to Nespresso flavours. Marked on each capsule are the words Espresso or Lungo depending on which they are designed for.

The Citiz offers up 19 bars of pressure, in my opinion, overkill and not required, but to some companies, they think adding more bars of pressure will help from a marketing point of view. That said as long as it ticks the 13 bar box I am happy it will be able to deliver the required pressure to brew an espresso at 9 bars.

Whilst 9 bars is the optimum amount of pressure to brew coffee at, in order to get this level of pressure a machine should offer up 13 bars of pressure. This can then ensure 9 bars is achieved with ease and the taste isn’t compromised. 19 bars whilst not being needed will still get you to the magic number.

Nespresso Citiz

Ready to make a cup of coffee?

When you are ready to make your first lovely cup of coffee from your Nespresso Citiz you need to follow a few simple steps;

  • Fill the water chamber at the rear of the machine.
  • Select a coffee capsule of your choice.
  • Lift the lever and place your chosen capsule into the brew basket.
  • Close the lever, pressing firmly to pierce both ends of the capsule.
  • Place a cup on the drip tray.
  • Press the Espresso or Lungo button once on top depending on what you are making.
  • Sit back and relax while the Nespresso Citiz makes your perfect drink.

Once your cup of coffee has been made the spent capsule is placed in the wastebasket. This will hold around 10 used capsules before you need to empty it. To empty it you simply grab hold of the top drip tray, pull it forward and the wastebasket is attached to it.

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Customise your coffee

Whilst the Nespresso Citiz is an automatic coffee machine which at the press of a button dispenses a cup of either Espresso or Lungo. It does this at what Nespresso feels is the perfect mix of coffee to water. It does allow for some programmability. If you wish to push more water through the coffee capsule, simply hold the button down until the required amount is in your cup. Whilst this makes a lighter coffee it does allow you to customise the coffee. The Nespresso Citiz will then remember this preference. Next time you simply have to press the button once to achieve your customised coffee.

The Nespresso Citiz comes with two drip trays, the top one lifts up to allow for larger cups to be placed on the coffee machine. If however, your cup is too tall for either of the drip trays, you can remove the bottom drip tray completely.

Positives and Negatives

The Nespresso Citiz is a fantastic compact and stylish automatic coffee machine for preparing the perfect Espresso or Lungo. It does have a few positives and negatives which I have listed below.


  • Wait time, hardly any at all
  • Stylish and slimline
  • 16 varieties of coffee capsules to choose from
  • Variable heights for different sized cups


  • Can only dispense one cup at a time
  • A little light, if you knock it on the worktop it’s not as sturdy as some of the competition
  • Restricted to using Nespresso capsules


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Personally, I am someone who prefers to be more involved in making a cup of coffee. I like to grind my beans, tamp the ground coffee and adjust the pressure of the machine for perfection. However, I also have in my kitchen an automatic coffee machine just like this. This is when I simply want coffee immediately with no time to spare. The Nespresso Citiz makes either a great coffee machine to use in such situations even if you are a nerdy coffee maker like me. Or if you want something to fit in a kitchen where space is tight. Plus you want a really good tasting Nespresso or Lungo at the press of a button.

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Nespresso Citiz
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Cleaning
  • Price


The Nespresso Citiz is a fantastic automatic coffee machine for your kitchen. It is slimline, stylish and offers a great Espresso or Lungo in no time at all.

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