Best Washing Powder

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Best Washing Powder

Choosing the best washing powder for you can be quite a difficult task! A big part of it comes down to personal preference – do you like a strong fragrance, biological or non-biological, is eco-friendly important to you? 

There are many things to consider when purchasing your washing powder, and considering it is going to affect how you feel in EVERYTHING that you wear – it is quite an important purchase. Our article aims to help you on the road to making a purchase that is right for you and your family! 

How to Find the Best Washing Powder

It is a minefield trying to find the best washing powder…we’ve all been there – stood in the supermarket, surrounded by what feels like a million different types of washing powder that all claim to be the best. But, how do we know which really is? Keep reading if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation and hopefully it will be one you can avoid forever more! 

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Biological or Non-Biological?

Non-biological washing powder is basically just washing powder that doesn’t use biological enzymes to clean your clothes, instead it will use more natural ingredients to do this. Biological washing powder, that does use these enzymes, will usually be better at removing stains from those favourite items in your wardrobe, but these can be worse for people with sensitive skin or for young babies. Non-biological washing powders are improving in the way that they remove stains though so are much more effective than they used to be. 

Cool Wash

Different washing powders will dissolve at different speeds and temperatures. The most effective washing powders will be those that can dissolve into the water quickly and also at a low temperature. We would recommend looking out for washing powders that will work in 30℃ water, this means that you will be able to put your washing machine on a relatively cool cycle, and therefore save money on your electric bill, while your clothes still come out looking and smelling fresh. 

Some washing powders can now also be used in 20℃ temperatures so will be perfect for anyone with a newer washing machine that goes down to these temperatures. 

TOP TIP: If you are working with clothes that are particularly stained then we would recommend opting for a warmer temperature in your wash if you want your washing powder to be at its most efficient – even if it says that it can work at 30℃.

Powder Effectiveness 

It is important to consider how much powder you will need per wash that you complete – this can be checked on the back of the box of the washing powder. This is crucial because the amount of powder that is needed will affect how cost effective the box of washing powder is. There is no point saving money on a cheaper box of powder that needs double the amount per wash! 

TOP TIP: Although it costs most initially, it is well worth purchasing bigger boxes of washing powder as they will be way more cost effective than smaller boxes. You are always going to need to wash your clothes so it isn’t like the powder isn’t going to get used! 

Universal or Colour-Specific?

Some washing powders will be “universal” which means that they will be able to work with any colour of clothes that you might send their way. These types of washing powder are perfect for everyday use, as it saves you having to choose the right one for the clothes that you might be washing at that time. Some will also have special enzymes that will help to stop the colours from running in the items that are being washed. 

However, there is also colour specific washing powder (this is more common for washing whites). Colour specific washing powder will have specific agents in the wash to help keep your clothes a particular colour. For example, a white specific washing powder will have bleaching agents to keep the clothes looking white for longer. These types of washing powder are usually more expensive than universal washing powder, but won’t be used as often as a general rule! 

We would definitely recommend having a whites colour-specific washing powder ready (at least!), so that if you have a stain down your white top, you will be able to remove it as quick as possible. 

REMEMBER: The sooner you act on tough stains, the more chance you have of being able to remove them! Leaving them too long will lead to them staining the material past the point of no return! 

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Well Known Brands

There are many well known brands of washing powder available on the market, which is often part of the reason why it is so difficult to work out which one is right for you. All of the reputable brands will be able to be trusted with cleaning your clothes, so it is worth looking for other factors, such as brands that are supported by washing machine companies or reputable review companies. Also consider other factors such as the ingredients that are included in the product. 

Extra Washing Powder Features to Look For 

There are some extra things that you will want to think about before purchasing your washing powder, we have given you some detail on these below. 

  • Fragrance – many biological (and some non-biological) washing powders will come with different fragrances. This is really down to personal preference as to what smell you are looking for, however some will be more effective in transferring this fragrance into your clothes than others. Some washing powder manufacturers have now created special “beads” that can be added to the wash alongside the washing powder to increase the smell that is left on your clothes after washing. 
  • Fabric care – Many of the best washing powders come with ingredients that will soften the material of your clothes. In our opinion this is well worth looking out for as it will clean your clothes but also leave them lovely and soft, adding a touch of luxury to your clothes the next time you use them! 
  • Hypoallergenic – Look out for hypoallergenic washing powders if you have sensitive skin or young children as these will have no perfumes or colorants so will be much softer on skin. 
  • Dermatologically tested – Washing powder that has been dermatologically tested will be a much safer bet if you have sensitive skin – or even if you don’t! This is because you can be sure that it has been tested on different types of skin and is not going to cause any damage 
  • Eco-friendly – There are now a number of washing powders that are available on the market that are eco friendly. This means that they only use ingredients that are naturally sourced. Some are even vegan friendly. It is also worth looking for products that have not been tested on animals and use sustainable sources. 

Washing Powder or Washing Liquid?

Although washing powder has been around since the early 1900s, there appears to be a gradual shift towards liquid and capsules since around the 1980s. Washing powder still appears to be more popular than its liquid counterpart, probably due to it being cheaper and better with muddy stains! 

However, you will usually find that liquid detergent (whether is capsule or standard liquid form) will be better with greasy stains. You can also guarantee that liquid is going to work quicker and at a lower temperature as it is already in liquid form so can just mix with the water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best washing powder for people with eczema?

The best washing powder for people with eczema can vary depending on what your skin will react to. However, research suggests that opting for fragrance-free washing powders are a better option. It used to be thought that non-biological washing powder was better for eczema sufferers but this may not be the case so it could be worth a try. Some manufacturers have produced special Sensitive Skin washing powders, which seem to work a treat for most people with eczema!

How should I maintain my washing machine?

Looking after your washing machine is as important as choosing the right washing powder, as a dirty and poorly maintained washing machine will stop even the best washing powder from cleaning your clothes to its full potential! Make sure to put an empty cycle with a special washing machine cleaner on around once a month to remove any mould and mildew from the washing machine. Also, clean any filters or accessible parts of the washing machine regularly. 

What washing powder can I use with my septic tank?

There are very specific washing powders that you can use if you have a septic tank at your home. This is because the chemicals that are already sat in the septic tank will not mix will with certain chemicals that you find in washing powders. Look out for washing powders that have low levels of surfactants, such as non-biological washing powders as these will avoid damaging the ecosystem of the septic tank. 

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